Saturday, December 21, 2002

This week I was reading Richard Bowes's Minions of the Moon courtesy of the wonderful Ramsey County Library in Roseville. We started hanging out at the library when we lived in St. Paul proper and quickly became enamoured of the attached coffee shop and the up-to-date and diverse speculative fiction selection. Anyway, it was late and I was reading in bed. I was at the part of the novel where the main character, Kevin, has just about hit rock bottom. I turned the page and found a little, square pamphlet saying "The Lord Is Faithful to You" over a picture of a castle on an island. In the center is a Psalm and on the back is the contact information for the Chaplain at an area hospital. It creeped me out. I couldn't help wondering if whoever left it in the book had placed it there purposely, right at that part of the story. I wondered what message they were trying to send. I wondered who was reading this book while they were in the hospital and if they'd been given the pamphlet or they'd picked it up themselves. I don't think it helped that it was a hospital that provided CD treatment, and I remembered visiting my grandfather there. (Of course, during his life, he was probably in most of the St. Paul programs at one time or another, so the hospital itself wasn't significant.) I didn't know whether to be mad, or just put it aside or stick it back into the book like all the other things you find stuck in library books. I'm not usually so paranoid. I went ahead and finished the book, which was very good - creepy, gritty, urban and sweet all at the same time. I still haven't thrown away the stupid little pamphlet.

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