Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Happy Birthday, Chris! (I didn't have internet access yesterday, so I'm not really late.)

I found my appointment/address book last night, so I can call people instead of just posting greetings here. I'm going to make Alan copy all the entries into his book this weekend, so we'll never be without phone numbers again.

We had a very nice visit from Jeanne and Brett yesterday on their way across the country to Seattle. Benny the Dog was along, and it was great to have a dog in the house, even if it was only overnight. At dinner, everyone but me had walleye, which is supposed to be very good where we're at, and we all had a wonderful discussion about writing, St. Paul, Vermont and more writing. It was a treat to hear Brett say, "Flannery O'Connor" again and to meet Jeanne.

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