Thursday, November 17, 2005

Snow puppy - 1 Humans - 0

We got our first snow in the late evening a couple days ago. I missed the whole puppy discovers snow thing since Alan took Gambit out then. By the next walk, snow was no big thing, just something you have to dig your nose into to get to the good scents. Minnesota weather is a malicious thing -- zooming between extremes without any warning. This week we went from rain and a few days when I was out with just a sweater to yesterday's high of 5 above, low of 5 below. The result is grumpy humans never warming up with frozen fingers from scraping off hard, hard ice on windshields. What happened to our starter winter -- you know, the light sweet snow that doesn't stay and brushes right off the car? So, humans bundled up like "gangsta eskimos" (Thanks Haddayr!) and still cold while puppies run around like it's eighty degrees out.


Anonymous said...

Our dog re-discovers snow every year with so much joy and fresh enthusiasm. Having a puppy around makes winter so much more fun!

Kristin said...

The snow just melted away, so maybe I'll get to have a re-discovery this year.