Thursday, January 12, 2006

I am typing this accompanied by maniacal laughter coming from the most bizaare video game ever created, Killer 7, currently being played by my S.O. (Gambit is getting fiesty so there are also some "no"s, "bad"s, "don't bite me"s and other interjections interspersed.) The game is seriously twisted, extremely violent and strangely compelling. Disjointed but intriguing world building and highly stylized graphics make the annoying but fitting sound track worth putting up with as I watch Alan wend his way through the game. I thought I was over the flu but it hasn't let up its hold on me, yet. Every time I excerpt myself at all, I end up with swollen lymph nodes and chills. I'm off all day tomorrow, or at this point I am at least, so I plan on resting up. I spent part of the week working on two different Access databases which was fun for a change of pace and will bring in a little money. I spent Tuesday evening learning about and making insluated window inserts with an old childhood neighbor. I might help them out as they build their business. The inserts are a great alternative to window replacement since they... excuse me for a moment as I try to get the dog to release the cat's face for the fourth time in less than ten minutes. He's sitting there with white fur hanging out of his mouth looking at the apple Alan is holding out to him but obviously deciding that the cat is much more interesting. This is what we get for not taking him to the dog park today. It was a busy day, though, with the Access consulting and, more importantly, a vet visit for said cat to have a lump on his leg checked out. While we were there, by the way, another cat was having his bent leg fixed. You guessed it, their puppy did it. The lump on Tora, the cat, was not a puppy related injury and unfortunately not a cyst like I hoped. It is a tumor but the vet said we had a 50% chance of it being benign and even if it's not, it looks like it's still limited to the dermal tissue. So, the cat needs to have it removed and tested, a huge chunk of leg for a marble sized lump, next week. The puppy needs to be fixed in the next three weeks. It's going to be an expensive year for vet bills. I am able to type this because we've allowed the dog to keep the top of a cardboard box he somehow got that I was using for our need-to-be paid bills and he's busy shredding it into confetti. I was going to write about the window inserts which I was going to order for our basement on the advice of my brother and saw they were looking for help and, needing flexible work, offered, etc., but I'm going to have to do a quick walk with the dog, if only for our poor aspirated cat's sake. The website is: Energy $avr in case you're fighting leaky windows and need an affordable but good alternative to replacing all your old windows. Good night!

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Christopher Barzak said...

You've been tagged on my blog,miss, to do a five weird habits meme. Luv ya.