Friday, April 14, 2006

All in all the past two weeks have been very good.

There was Barth's reading at Dreamhaven last week.

Alan and I saw V is for Vendetta last weekend. Awesome movie! Why aren't more people talking about it?

We finished the readings schedule for Wiscon this week and while there are problems that need to be fixed, no one has threatened to kill me, yet.

We learned that we will most likely have a karaoke DJ at our annual Wiscon Ratbastard party. Yay!

I got to spend a couple of hours at the Battle Creek dog park four out of five afternoons this week with Gambit enjoying the beautiful summer-like weather and their multiple ponds/lakes. Over the course of four days, he went from playing in the mud and stepping into the water to stepping out into the water to going out as far as he could walk to swimming out to fetch sticks and balls and bringing them back to me. Two things learned in one activity: fetching and swimming! We have a water dog after all!

Coffee, critique and lots of chatting with Haddayr yesterday.

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