Friday, July 28, 2006

*WARNING - Hex Spoiler*

Last night I tuned BBC America for Hex and found out Cassie had died. I swear I caught the episode last week but did not remember losing the main character. I immediately zapped into on demand just be sure, and yes, the last episode showing up was #6, the one I'd watched. I sulked a bit and decided I must have missed it and they were just slow to put up the next episode. I checked back later and found out they'd put up last night's episode, #8. Same thing today, episodes #6 and #8. I feel so betrayed. I haven't felt like this since I was a kid and somehow skipped the whole Gandalf dying in Moria scene and found out he was dead when I opened the next book. I cried that time. This time I wasn't sad (she could be so mean to Thelma) just angry with Comcast or BBC America or whoever blew the surprise for me. I expected some commiseration from Alan but he already knew she was going to die having read all the episode summaries on some website or other. What's the fun of that? And why the hell am I getting so hyped up about a consistently inconsistent show I know is already cancelled without a nice series wrap up at the end?


Karen said...

I had no idea Cassie was going to die, and when I watched that episode, saw the next week's previews, and realised that she was really and truly out of the picture, and the dead lesbian sidekick was now the star of the show... I was SO HAPPY.

Sorry about your sense of loss, Kristin, but I felt the whole time that Cassie was a weakness in the show. The actress seems to have a limited range, and the character never caught my sympathy. She did "mean bitchy" very well, but wasn't so good on the sympathetic or funny.

And now we're left with Thelma, who is an absolutely wonderful character, and it's a much, much weirder show.

I have no idea where they'll take the plot now, but I was afraid the whole series arc would be about "Will Cassie give in to Darkness, or won't she?" Since she'd pretty well given in to Darkness every time he made the slightest effort to seduce her, it didn't seem like a plot that would sustain much tension for long.

Anyway, Cassie is apparently still around, in the form of her amazing magical spirit breath that she transferred to Thelma. Which is kind of a cheap device, but what the hell.

Kristin said...

Yes, I was really disappointed when Thelma was killed and very happy to see her continue on as a ghost. I didn't care so much about Cassie but I am still angry that I missed that episode. The plot was getting a little too Anne Rice-like for my taste and I'm glad it's taken a turn away from that.