Sunday, March 25, 2007

Amazing, beautiful, open all the windows weather. I'm actually sitting here in a t-shirt! In Minnesota, in March! Our first thunderstorm was late last night and I was awake to hear it because of a ill-considered, evening mocha. We are supposed to pay for the weather later today with more thunderstorms and the possibility of hail and tornados. Despite that, we are headed to a nearby theater for The Host and later I have The Merchant of Venice at the Guthrie with my family and uncle who is here from Beijing.

We were at Borders last night for some writing time in the cafe and were pleased to see Hal's Ink and Jon Armstrong's Grey on the new book table.

I'm partway through Wizard of the Crow and loving it. I've got Kristin Lavransdatter, recommended by the wonderful Mr. Schwartz, sitting stand by. How can I not love a book that has the spelling right? Over the last month, I've also discovered and developed a fondness for Terry Pratchett's Discworld series.

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Maureen McHugh said...


I realize that this is a stupid place to ask you this, but, of course, I can't find your email. Madeleine Robins on Eat Our Brains has a situation and I wondered if you might have any advice?

I know you have done a lot of work with people who are homeless in the past. This is a rather ambiguous situation, and I'm not thinking that you will know or not know what to do, but, well, I value your opinion on the matter.