Sunday, September 14, 2008

Alan and I are celebrating our 5th anniversary this weekend. It was actually yesterday but I work Saturdays, so we met for dinner at a nearby Japanese restaurant, Sushi Tango. We'd been meaning to try it for while as it's in the same little Woodbury strip mall as our favorite Indian restaurant, India Palace, and conveniently located about halfway between our house and my work. It's a little noisy because of the industrial ceiling and cement floor but had a pretty full menu, good beer selection, friendly service and lower than normal prices. Despite Alan's skepticism, I ordered the signature dinner plate and polished it off completely. Alan said I got my sushi look early on which is kind of a blissful face that accompanies stuffing my face with raw fish and rice and drinking Asahi beer with good company.

Our mutual anniversary gift this year was a very geeky Wii, but I think it was a great purchase. I will be using the Wii fit as soon as it arrives in the mail and we've already had some fun with Sports and a new Mario game. We finished the evening off with an episode of The Wire courtesy of Netflicks and then some Mario. I helped Alan by zapping stars which was about all my overstuffed, end of work week self could handle. Today we are going to take the dog for a long walk at one of the local preserves and get some writing done. Perfect weekend!

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Dave said...

Congratulations, K! Sounds like a lovely anniversary :-)