Sunday, February 15, 2009

A dear friend had a stroke earlier this week. She is younger than me and (while we expect a full recovery for her) it was a good reminder that things can change unexpectedly. I tend to get caught up with work and volunteering and other stuff and sometimes forget to slow down and enjoy the here and now. She's been delighting in her new iPod the past few months and recently attended a New Kids on the Block concert. (I told you she was younger than me!) While I don't always agree with her music taste (many times I do, though), she reminded me how important music used to be in my life and I've been having fun with Itunes. She also got me drinking margueritas again--not often but once in while.

So in honor of Stacy, here are a few things that make me happy and that I am trying to savor:
Indian food
Grunge and 80s alternative music (and a lot of other stuff from the 60s on)
Fostering kittens!
Walks with the dog
Snuggling with the classic edition cats--when they allow it
Movies with Cary Grant (and Irene Dunne and many others who can do that witty repartee)
Writing in a coffee shop with music playing in my headphones and Alan sitting nearby (how did I forget the music?)
Dancing while doing dishes and with friends
My morning mocha
Trips to the parents' cabin
Foot rubs
Puzzle games
Being goofy
Sushi (with a bottle of Asahi Super Dry beer)
A glass of dry white wine
Karaoke with friends
Pasta with lots of cheese and tomato sauce
Downhill skiing
Mint chocolate chip ice cream
Recognizing an actor in a movie and tracing their career through IMDB
Sean Bean as Sharp
Curling up in bed with a good book
Family dinners

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