Tuesday, April 07, 2009

It just stopped snowing in Youngstown after snowing all morning, but it didn't matter because is there anywhere better to be during spring flurries than in a cafe with a nice hot mocha, a laptop, awesome company, and a martini glass of vanilla bean creme brulee? Alan read last night at Dorian Books which has a fabulous reading space. The reading was followed by a very good open mic line up that included the marvelous Christopher Barzak and some of his students and friends as well as others. This trip was a little more relaxed than our usual overnight visits and we have a whole day of hanging out today. Back home tomorrow. There had better not be any snow!

EDIT: There's was no snow and it was actually sweater weather--no jacket! Gambit submissive peed all over the lobby to Now Boarding! (new AHS run boarding facility at the Mpls. Airport) when we picked him up--must keep working on his socialization. He's asleep next to me on the couch. Tilly the foster kitten is curled up purring on my lap and other cats hover nearby. This makes the fact that I already miss Chris, Tony, Kokoro and Yuki a bunch. Why isn't Ohio closer?

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