Friday, March 21, 2003

Conversation this evening:

"...So it translates it into this pigden French."
"Yeah, pigden."
"You mean pidgin."
"No, pigden."
"No, it's pidgin. They used it in my Chinese history books all the time."
"No, you're wrong, it's pronounced pigden."
"You've got the g and d switched around."
"No, you're wrong. Get a dictionary... No, not that crappy dictionary, my dictionary."
"You asked for a dictionary. That's a dictionary."
"I asked for my dictionary."
"You said a dictionary."
"My dictionary."
"What? It's going to have words mispelled? Just look it up."
"There's no pigden."
"Look under pidgin."
Pause. "No, wait...I'll get a real dictionary."
"What? You thinks it's going to be spelled differently?"
"No, but it has more words."

"There's no pigden."
"I told you."
"No, no, you said pigden not pidgin. Pidgen."
"I said pidgin. You said pigden."
"There's a word pigden. There has to be a word pigden."

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