Friday, March 21, 2003

Life is already a struggle, why make it more difficult?

I decided that it was not a good thing to let the start of the war pass by without a comment. Yesterday was too depressing for words, but I'll try. After visiting my cousin and her son in the ICU at Children's Hospital where he's been in critical condition for three weeks recovering from surgery and infection, I emerged to radio reports that Bush had started bombing Iraq. I had a difficult time transitioning from the image of this child in a teenager's body (he's autistic and severely mentally disabled) with more tubes going into and out of him than I have ever seen in someone before and his mother who is struggling to keep a roof over both their heads due to his many problems, to the idea of America at war with a distant country filled with people struggling to feed themselves and to get the most basic medical care. Bush's vision of the world seems completely at odds with and at the same time irrelevant to what is really happening.

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