Tuesday, April 01, 2003

The subjective use of dictionaries, or conversation while changing the sheets last night:

"... and then we have this cache (kash) of socks hidden at the bottom of the bed."
"It's cachet (kashay)."
"No, it's cache (kash). Cachet (kashay) is different. Like when you say that something has a certain cachet."
"No, it's pronounced kashay. Like in computers, clearing out the cache (kashay)."
"No, it's cache (kash). Here, I'll get the dictionary."
Pause. "See. Cachet pronounced kashay."
"Look up cache."
"See. Kash."
"No, that can't be right. Let me get your dictionary."
"I thought it wasn't a 'real' dictionary."
"Just let me look it up."
Pause. "No." Sound of dictionary shutting. "I hear people pronouncing it kashay all the time. Let me check online."
Pause. "You were right. I guess a lot of people pronounce it the wrong way."

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