Friday, May 16, 2003

Now that it's safely away at the printer's, I can announce that available next week from the Ratbastards is:

Rabid Transit: A Mischief of Rats

Wally's Porn Victoria Elizabeth Garcia
The Headline Trick Douglas Lain
Braiding David J. Hoffman-Dachelet Nick Mamatas
Gramercy Park Haddayr Copley-Woods

Like Chris, I think this year's chapbook stomps all over last year's. We are very happy to have Haddayr's debut story. You should recognize the other writers as new talents within the field.

We will be releasing the chapbook at Wiscon at a party on Friday night that we are hosting with authors Robert Freeman Wexler and Jim Munroe who both have new books. Barth is taking requests for dance music right now. Three of the new Ratbastards will be present as well.

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