Tuesday, November 25, 2003

I'm just checking in because of complaints.

I'm battling an ear/sinus thing that makes me feel like I'm perpetually at that point in an airplane flight where your ears feel like they're going to burst and every sound comes through a bubble. Despite some some pretty good, creepy fever dreams, the highlight of my day yesterday was waking up at 3 p.m. with all three cats curled up against me. I'd like to think they just wanted to be near me, but they've gotten much cuddlier since it snowed.

We'll be prepping, sanding, painting this weekend (if my body cooperates) instead of traveling to Kentucky. You all will just have to have a good time for us.

The highlights of the past two weeks:
Highlight and lowlight: saying a very sad good-bye to friend and co-worker Jeronimo and trying to dance salsa with him without stepping on his feet too many times. Why is it that none of non-latino guys were willing to try salsa dancing? Highlight: a matinee of Master and Commander. Swashbuckling! Can't American audiences take having the U.S. as bad guys in a movie? I'm glad I didn't know about the change until after the movie.
Highlight: buying bright, bright colored paint, polyurethane (for refinishing the floors) and other supplies for major house decorating projects. It's only taken us two years to agree on colors for our living room.

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