Thursday, November 13, 2003

The mystery of the missing baby clothes has been solved, not in the way I would have liked to have solved it, with the clothes going to the family with the new male baby for which it was intended, but with the clothes going somewhere tax deductible where they'll be used and appreciated at least. Said gift bag of clothes somehow got put in a large bag of donations for my employer, also given to us at the wedding, and ended up here at work where they were quickly dispersed to a family in our transitional housing program. Having heard the story, some have remarked that entrusting tasks like this to people on their wedding day is like entrusting them to crack addicts. Having known a few crack addicts who would have lived up to their responsibility makes me think this analogy is faulty. (Of course, I have known a few crack addicts who would have tried to sell the clothes just like anything else that found its way to them when they were short on funds and in need.) My apologies to those involved, especially you, Isaiah.

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