Wednesday, March 31, 2004


Yay! I'm back on my laptop after crashing it with a bad driver or something from a massive install of networking, virus and firewall stuff. The Internet is a fabulous thing. I couldn't get the laptop to boot even in safe mode and the repair CDs that came with the laptop would only wipe the whole hard drive. I was able to download a bootable diskette that allowed me to copy NTFS files to diskette and save the 2200 words I added to a story this weekend (and didn't get a chance to back up.) The only things I lost were a few e-mails since I'd copied my bloated Outlook file from work and it wouldn't fit on a diskette. That's another argument for a writable CD drive, I guess. I really have no excuse since back-ups are a snap with my little USB flash drive.

I met my dad and grandma for lunch today at our favorite Vietnamese restaurant. The fortune cookies were from Keefer Court which used to be right across the street from where I worked in the West Bank/Cedar Riverside neighborhood. I loved walking past their parking lot because their exhaust fan would be blowing out the sweet, warm bakery smells. They had huge bags of cookies you could buy and I did that once. (Two many fortune cookies are not a good thing.) My fortune, which is going to be my motto at work for a while, was, "A committee of one gets things done." The restaurant's menu has always contained a few small twists on English, usually things like "shrimps." This version offered "Egg Rolls - hot and scrippy." I didn't figure out what they meant until I looked at the next appetizer, "Spring Rolls - cold and soft."

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