Thursday, March 11, 2004

I'm getting tired of hearing people, particularly the shortsighted, right wing Taxpayer's League, say that the Metro Transit strike isn't causing any problems.

The following are comments from both female and male Simpson shelter guests surveyed March 9th asking if the bus strike has had a negative effect on them.
65% reported that it did and stated that they:

lost a job making taco shells at Harvest Foods in New Brighton
can't get to work in Edina
is missing classes
keep warm on bus
can't look for a job outside of downtown
has a home in St. Paul but due to strike stays at shelter in Mpls so she can walk to her job as a caterer at the Convention Center
can't get their teeth
can't get their services
quit job, ran out of money for other transport
can't get to AA meetings, disabled
can't go anywhere outside of a 4 mile radius
has to walk an hour to get to work
has not been able to go job searching
lost his job
can't get to his job interviews
has to walk a couple of miles to work
part of the reason he is now in shelter
not able to see their kids
it's more expensive to get around now
has not been able to get to work

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