Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy New Year!

After losing most of New Year's Eve to an emergency clinic visit with one of the foster kittens, Alan and I finally celebrated by going to see a matinee of Slumdog Millionaire. Great movie with beautiful cinematography! I love the way the story was told in flashbacks with 3 different actors portraying the kids as they grew up. It was sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes funny, and sometimes heart warming--a wonderful mixture.

Pickford the kitten will be okay. She's staggering around the bathroom right now with her soft blue e-collar on and purring and calling out for attention. She's awake but still coming out of the anesthesia. I came home from work New Year's Eve to find her lethargic, very warm and with a new lump on her side. Things like this always happen at night and on holidays. She didn't have the lump in the morning. She lays on her back so I can rub her belly and I had just done it that morning before work. I took her in and they thought it was a hernia so they recommend x-rays (of course) and then they aspirated it to find it was an abscess. She had old claws wounds that had healed in that spot and so she must have had an injury prior to her coming home with me. The claws were adult sized so it probably happened before they came into the shelter. They made a little opening for it to drain and gave her an antibiotic shot. We got through New Year's Day with hot compresses and some new medication from the shelter. Today, our vet knocked her out and put in a drain. If things go well, it will come out tomorrow or the next day. The other two kittens, Marion and Chaplin, are in the bedroom now and should have a lot of fun exploring. Gambit the dog will have to sleep on the couch for a few days.

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