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If you live in Minnesota, please take the time to make a call or two supporting puppy mill legislation making its way through the state house. There is more information below and on the Animal Humane Society's website at:

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Animal Humane Society is working with 32 Minnesota animal welfare organizations, the Humane Society of the United States and the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals on the Puppy and Kitten Mill bill (S.F. 7 and H.F. 253) which has been introduced in Minnesota's current legislative session. The bill will give the Minnesota Board of Animal Health the authority to license breeders and hold them accountable to comply with existing applicable care standards under federal and state laws and regulations. In turn, this will allow our humane investigators the statutory authority to more effectively help reduce the suffering of animals confined and living in inhumane conditions. More specifically, the proposed bill will:

Improve the ability to regulate breeding facilities of cats and dogs and ensure that breeders comply with existing laws and regulations and meet specific standards of care,
Provide licensing and regulatory authority to a single unit of government
Provide corrective orders, and administrative and criminal penalties for violations
In our work, we see the tragic results of animals coming out of these facilities
Many states have enacted legislation that regulates puppy mills in this country.

How you can help
Time is critical. Lend your voice to animals today.

The bill will be heard in the Senate Agriculture Committee on Tuesday, January 27. Below is a list of the committee members. If you live in one of their districts, please call before Tuesday. (Notes on what to say are listed below.)

Jim Vickerman - Chair (District 22) - 651.296.5650
Sharon L. Erickson Ropes - Vice Chair (District 31) - 651.296.5649
Satveer S. Chaudhary (District 50) - 651.296.4334
Steve Dille (District 18) - 651.296.4131
Lisa A. Fobbe (District 16) - 651.296.8075
Joe Gimse (District 13) - 651.296.3826
David W. Hann (District 42) - 651.296.1749
Bill G. Ingebrigtsen (District 11) - 651.297.8063
Paul E. Koering (District 12) - 651.296.4875
Gary W. Kubly (District 20) - 651.296.5094
Keith Langseth (District 9) - 651.296.3205
Tony Lourey (District 8) - 651.296.0293
Steve Murphy (District 28) - 651.296.4264
Rod Skoe (District 2) - 651.296.4196
Dan Skogen (District 10) - 651.296.5655

For all others, please contact your State Senator and Representative and ask them to support the Puppy and Kitten Mill bill. Be sure to ask them not to support a weaker bill that may be heard.

Click here to locate your representatives and their contact information.

Notes on what to say
Ask committee members to vote in favor of the bill (S.F. 7 and H.F. 253) and to not accept any amendments that would weaken it. (Be sure to state the bill numbers.)

Minnesota is among the top producers of puppies and kittens in the United States, yet there is no State oversight of this multi-million dollar industry. The problem is not the size of the breeding facility; the problem is inhumane breeding practices that lead to horrific conditions.

The bill will give the State of Minnesota the authority to regulate the dog and cat breeding industry in the state (hobby breeders are exempt), protecting both animals and consumers from unscrupulous breeders and inhumane breeding practices.

Please support S.F. 7 and H.F. 253. Minnesota can no longer turn its back on animal cruelty.

Other ways you can help
Be a voice for the animals and become an Animal Advocate.

Spread the word. Ask your friends and family to support the bill by becoming an Animal Advocate and contacting their legislators.

Thank you,

Tracie Jacobson Media Relations Associate Animal Humane Society Buffalo - Coon Rapids - Golden Valley - St. Paul - Woodbury (763) 489-2251

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