Monday, February 08, 2010

I had no idea the Minnesota Puppy Mill Bill was so controversial but because of a group of pretty nasty, anonymous comments on a post from last year's bill, I've had to finally turn on comment moderation. I'm sorry for any inconvenience for nonanonymous posters.

And so, because I was going to post it anyway. Here is information on the current bill. This bill is really needed--I've worked with some of these rescued dogs--and all the breeders I've spoken to have been in favor of the bill as they've seen some of the abuses that happen out there and are concerned about them, too.

From the Animal Humane Society website:

Puppy and Kitten Mill Bill 2010
Can you imagine your pet(s) not having enough food and water or a warm, safe place to sleep? What if they weren’t given the opportunity to exercise or experience everyday interactions with humans?

For many dogs and cats across the state of Minnesota those circumstances are the only ones they know. Join us in our efforts to help these animals.

The situation
Minnesota is among the top producers of puppies and kittens in the United States. Breeding these animals is a multi-million dollar industry with no state licensing or inspection. While many breeders in Minnesota act responsibly. The problem is the inhumane breeding and care practices. There are reports of breeding facilities housing more than 1,000 animals. Many of the animals live in horrific conditions—cages stacked on top of one another in unsanitary conditions, inadequate food, water and veterinary care; with animals receiving little or no exercise or socialization.

In our work, we see the tragic results of animals coming out of these facilities.

Many states have enacted legislation that provides licensing and inspection of breeding facilities in this country. Minnesota can no longer turn its back on animal cruelty.

Learn more

Read the bill, learn about opposition

Learn about the issue of inhumane breeding

Review recent puppy mill cases

How you can help

For further research on puppy mills and more about the Puppy and Kitten Mill Bill, visit our friends at Animal Folks Minnesota.

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