Sunday, January 16, 2011

I brought two of the four kittens back to the shelter today for spay and neuter surgeries and to the adoption floor. We've had this group for a few weeks and have been through round and now lung worms with them. These two were the healthier and better body conditioned of the two.
The bigger female black one, Kerrigan, hit surgery weight last week by a hair and we decided to keep her until the grey one, Mulligan, caught up. They are now 1.78 pounds and 1.53 pounds. 1.5 pounds and good body condition are the minimum requirements for surgery. They will be available to be put on hold this afternoon (we close at 6:00 pm) and will be available to go home on Tuesday after the MLK holiday.

We had a great day today with the little, skinny male, Morgan, finally getting completely over his diarrhea and starting to put on body mass. The other one, Callaghan, is filling out nicely. I'm guessing I'll still have a couple weeks at least with them as they finish the de-worming treatment and their little bodies finish recovering. (Sorry about the photo--I'm not doing this from home and I can't seem to get the photo to display the other way.)

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