Sunday, January 09, 2011

I'll have a post about the new book shortly but in the meantime, here are foster kitten pics!

We've had this group about 2 weeks now. The solid grey and black kittens are doing pretty good and should be at spay and neuter surgery weight by next week. The two grey tabbies aren't doing so hot and will take a little longer. They've gotten the normal de-wormers and some extra panacur. Partway through we found roundworms. They got their second round of de-wormer and we hoped that was that.

The little ones still weren't gaining weight so we retested and today we found... lungworms! I hoping another, longer round of panacur (de-wormer) will take care of them, so we can get them onto the adoption floor and into their new homes.

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Ben Parzybok said...

The new book!!!!
Congrats! Can't wait to hear more. I've been lousy at twitter/facebook so maybe you've mentioned it previously, but very psyched for you. The book has a superb cover, just lovely.