Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Minnesota Puppy and Kitten Mill Bill Update from the Animal Humane Society and Animal Folks Minnesota:


More good news! H.F. 253 passed out of the House Civil Justice Committee on Monday without any amendments. Thank you for your calls!

Unfortunately, S.F. 7 did not receive a hearing on Tuesday, March 24, in the Senate Agriculture Committee. As you may recall, the bill was laid on the table at the last hearing in this Committee, which means members wanted more time for discussion and were not ready to take a vote. On Tuesday, the Committee Chair asked that the bill be "called off the table" to allow for continued debate. The committee chose, by a majority voice vote, to keep the bill tabled. We are hopeful S.F. 7 will be called back in the near future.

MORE CALLS NEEDED IN THE HOUSE -- ANOTHER HEARINGThe Minnesota Puppy and Kitten Mill Bill -- H.F. 253 -- is going to be heard in the House Agriculture Committee the morning of Friday, March 27. ACTION: Please call all of the members on the committee before Friday morning and ask them to vote in favor of H.F. 253, Representative Tillberry's bill.As you know, hearings are unpredictable. Unforeseen amendments to weaken the bill may be introduced at the hearing, which is why it's important to reiterate your support of H.F. 253 and urge committee members not to accept any amendments that would weaken it.

IMPORTANT: Calls at this critical time are more effective than emails. Also, if you are a constituent of a committee member listed below, be sure that legislator knows that fact. To find out who represents you, go to DistrictFinder. Below is a list of the committee members and their phone numbers.

House Agriculture, Rural Economics and Veterans Affairs Committee
Call BEFORE Friday, March 27. Support H.F. 253

Chair: Representative Mary Ellen Otremba - 651-296-3201Vice Chair: Representative Al Doty - 651-296-4247Representative Steve Drazkowski - 651-296-2273Representative Kent Eken - 651-296-9918Representative Tim Faust - 651-296-0518Representative Rod Hamilton - 651-296-5373Representative Kory Kath - 651-296-5368Representative Terry Morrow - 651-296-8634Representative Dave Olin - 651-296-9635Representative Ron Shimanski - 651-296-1534Representative Dean Urdahl - 651-296-4344In order to keep the bills moving forward, there have been many discussions with various interested parties. The coalition will continue to fight for the strongest language possible while working collaboratively to get legislation passed. Legislators are hearing from breeders, hunters, the NRA and others who oppose the bill (and any regulation) so they need to hear from all of us. Thanks for all your efforts!
Animal Advocates
Animal Humane Society

Thank you for being a voice for animals. Sent with the permission of Animal Folks Minnesota.

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