Saturday, March 07, 2009

Salon has an interesting article on conservative anger surrounding Michelle Obama's recent visit to a homeless shelter and a shelter guest using a cell phone to take her picture. Apparently, there are no other issues to tackle out there and they need to pick on people struggling with housing and poverty. Getting people who were homeless access to voice mail was such a big problem prior to the advent of cell phones that the Twin Cities started a nonprofit just to provide voice mail boxes so people could leave applications for jobs and apartments and actually be reached afterwards. I have a big surprise for all of you complaining about the cell phone: people who are homeless have lives. They may have cars because public transit stinks in most cities. They may have phones so they can communicate with family, friends, employers and landlords. They may have jobs. They may have all of these things and still be homeless because housing is a lot more expensive than a monthly bill for a cell phone or gas and insurance for a car. They may have had these things before they became homeless. They may have gotten them because they need them if they ever want to get their own place again. Get some perspective.

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