Thursday, March 26, 2009

One more Puppy Mill post:

Nightline Special Investigation of Puppy Mills
This Friday night, March 27, ABC's Nightline will be investigating puppy mills. ABC Correspondent Sharyn Alfonsi and investigators from Nightline travel the byways and back roads of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania - visiting numerous puppy mills and filming Main Line Animal Rescue's volunteers as they rescue breeding dogs and puppies from Lancaster County's notorious Amish commercial breeding facilities. Sharyn Alfonsi interviewed, on camera, an Amish breeder while touring his facility - a first for network television. With approximately 500 dogs housed on his property, this commercial breeder speaks openly about an industry cloaked in secrecy and suspicion - the cruel factory farming of man's best friend.

UPDATE: I missed this Friday night but was able to view it online. It's a very short piece and you can get to it from the Nightline front page: It was nice to see how clean the facility was that they were able to film but I kept thinking, "What about socialization?" I'm so tired of getting puppies and kittens in the shelter who haven't been handled enough. Lack of socialization can be just as damaging as other more obvious signs of neglect. There's no way two people can provide enough love and care to keep 200 dogs happy and healthy. Absolutely no way.

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