Saturday, November 16, 2002

Continuing our effort at positivity, I will now discuss the Agent Cooper method of anger management. Alan developed this after we watched the entire Twin Peaks series this summer while he was battling carpal tunnel and tendonitis and couldn't type or write. Agent Dale Cooper met the challenges and adversity life threw at him with a big thumbs up. In one scene, he lies on the floor of his room bleeding from gunshot wounds while an ancient, oblivious hotel employee ignores his plea to get a doctor. How does Cooper respond to the man? He gives him a thumbs up.

According to Alan, part of the effectiveness of the method lies in the kinetic motion, the thrusting out of the arm for the thumbs up. It does seem to work. (In fact, I just now got a thumbs up from Alan when I told him he wasn't really looking for the mustard, if he didn't find it in the refrigerator, because it was there. And it was.)

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