Monday, November 11, 2002

Winter Happens - Be Ready!

"Any one who has resided in Minnesota for 12 consecutive months already knows that winter happens sooner or later, and we have to be ready for cold and snow." Minnesota Department of Public Safety

Winter Hazard Awareness Week was last week. I got a neat little packet of information covering everything from outdoor safety to indoor air issues and immunizations for winter vacation travel. If you live in a northern clime I'm only going to ask you once, "Have you got your little coffee can survival kit ready in your car?" If not, here's what you need: candle stubs and matches, metal cup, red bandana and plastic whistle, pencil and paper, change for phone, first aid kit with any essential medications, plastic flashlight with spare batteries, two large plastic garbage bags, safety pins, and candy bars. I usually keep an extra pair of boots, a small shovel, a blanket and some kitty litter in the trunk with my jumper cables, too. You only have to be stuck on a rural Wisconsin road once to learn your lesson.

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