Wednesday, November 27, 2002

What I'm thankful for today

Yesterday, we had no heat in the building. Something was broken on the big ancient boiler and needed to be replaced. The prediction was that it wouldn't be fixed until late today. All day Tuesday, we wore our gloves, scarves and coats, if we had them, and plodded on with what we had to do until we just couldn't take it anymore. I snuck out three hours early with a bunch of reading and curled up at home for the rest of the day. Having a virus makes being cold even worse. The shelter was going to be chilly that night, but everyone could take extra blankets. Someone scrounged up a space heater for our poor volunteers who had to stay up at the desk half the night. All of us were dreading today which was going to be even colder. This morning, I wore a turtleneck under a big wool sweater and contemplated putting on long underwear. I didn't need it, though, because when I walked into the building, a big blast of warm air greeted me. Ah, heat, how we do take you for granted!

Dragons are another thing. I like dragons a lot. Not those collectible pewter and crystal things, but the idea of dragons. In my opinion a good dragon can save a story just as easily as a well-written sword fight. Alan rented Reign of Fire for us to watch last night. It was an okay rental. We liked the movie a lot up until the end. My major quibble with it was this, when you have a movie with dragons, the dragons should be a major part the movie. There just weren't enough dragons. The dragons were very good when we could see them, but they needed a few more attacks and scenes of the dragons in devastated London. Despite this, not enough good dragons is better than too many bad dragons and I'm thankful for that.

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