Friday, November 22, 2002

Grandma has been in the sub acute care unit at a nursing home for about a week now and she probably will be there for another week. She fell off a step ladder while putting away her Halloween decorations. She cut her head in two places, but didn't notice it right away because she doesn't remember falling. Suddenly, she was on the floor, bruised and in pain. She noticed her finger was bent out of a joint so she grabbed it and yanked it back into place. The only reason she sought out help after the fall, much later, was that she kept on falling. On Wednesday, we went to have an MRI done on her head. There was a lot of paperwork and questions aiming to find out if she had any metal in her body. One of the questions asked about welding. Grandma was a welder in the shipyards in Portland, Oregon during World War II. Ask her about Rosie the Riveter and she'll tell you the welders were the tough ones not the riveters. My grandma is 5'2" and 90 pounds soaking wet. Tatoos count as metal, too, so I had to ask her if she had one. I didn't think so, but you never know. She laughed and shook her head like I was crazy. You never know. Afterwards, one of the women helping us said she was a peanut. I'm not sure what she meant exactly, but it was intended to be flattering. The food is horrible in the nursing home so we went out to lunch on our way home. She told me about dinner the night before. She was sitting looking down at her plate and pushing her dinner around hoping that another configuration would be better. The woman across from her asked, "How can they ruin an egg salad sandwich?"

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