Friday, November 22, 2002

The quote of the week comes from Karen, imagining what creepy, bondage guy was thinking at World Fantasy. "What a beautiful aura on that woman. I'd sure like to see her in leather." Thank you, Karen, you made me laugh out loud.

"Their commitment to one another mirrors their commitment to serving others." I just got back from the 2002 Virginia McKnight Binger Awards in Human Service ceremony sponsored by the McKnight Foundation. The award "recognizes exceptional volunteers who demonstrate the difference one person can make in serving others" in Minnesota. I've been privileged to know three of the honorees for the past eight years through their volunteering in the overnight shelter. All three have been with the shelter since it opened 20 years ago. Fern and Ed Ostberg have been volunteering as a couple for 54 years and are truly an inspiration. Andy Benjamin brings an incredible energy and commitment to his volunteering. All three amazing people volunteer for multiple agencies which makes it difficult to list everything that they do. If you need some ideas on the difference one person can make or just need reassurance that the world isn't a horrible place, you should follow the link to awards and read about these 11 wonderful people.

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