Monday, November 18, 2002

I've gotten a nice response from people on the focus on positivity, so we'll continue it at least for this post. Do any of you remember when the saying, "Commit random acts of kindness and senseless beauty," was going around? According to my Internet research, the saying started in 1982. So, it's been around for twenty years and that makes me feel really old. I was working for a commercial interior design firm when I saw an article on it in Glamour and I showed it to everyone. They took the saying to heart, putting it up on a wall with spotlights so everyone passing by through the Minneapolis warehouse district could see it. The following sites promote the practice of the kindness part of the formula, the generosity game and the random acts of kindness foundation. Good stuff, but I don't want to forget the senseless beauty part. I don't think we have enough of it in our lives.

I'd love to come up with a list of random acts of senseless beauty. I used to be a gardening magazine and seed catalog junkie. Actually, I still am a junkie, but I am in recovery. Anyway, I hated for all the pretty pictures of flowers to go to waste when I recycled them, so I started cutting them out and putting them in people's mailboxes at work and sticking them to envelopes going into the mail. Some people thought I was really strange, but most people really liked it. Other than planting bulbs, which you can't do during the most of the year in Minnesota, it was the cheapest way I could think of to share my love of flowers. So send me your senseless beauty ideas and be kind to each other as Ms. Bond says. And dance. Dancing is a kind of beauty, isn't it?

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